What is a Wiki?

A wiki is a collaborative, constantly mutating research tool. By giving almost anyone the ability to edit its content, a wiki allows for facts to be quickly updated, refined and made most appropriate for use. Wikis typically have no moderators, and rely on source citations and outside links to ensure accuracy, breadth and depth. Like any wiki, this one is not meant to be an all-inclusive primary source; it is simply meant to provide concise, accurate, easily accessible background information with links to more comprehensive primary sources. It is the starting point for any serious or casual inquiry into how journalism has changed in the digital age.

Given the nature of a wiki, we welcome any suggestions for editing or expansion. If you are interested in becoming a part of this wiki, please comment on one of the pages and we will send you an invite.

“Student Wikipedia Use Policy” by  Alan Liu, English Professor, University of California Santa Barbara

“Students should feel free to consult Wikipedia as one of the most powerful instruments for opening knowledge that the lntemet has yet produced. But it is not a one-stop shop for reliable knowledge. lndeed, the term “encyclopedia” is somewhat to blame. Because it is communal, dynamic, and unrefereed, Wikipedia is not just an encyclopedia of knowledge. It is better thought of as a combination of encyclopedia and ‘blog.’ lt is the world’s blog.”


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